Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maxi Inspired...

I am in love with maxi skirts! 
On Sunday I was inspired by Kendy and tried a similar outfit with my (currently) favorite skirt.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Lady

When it comes to modest style, I think Mrs. Obama is always right! Her clothes are so well put together that she looks fun yet classy. What is also very amazing is the fact that she wears affordable items from Target, JCrew, etc.  Check out this BLOG as they are always posting pictures of Mrs. O's outfits!
Great color combination!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

El Amor...

I actually like Valentine's Day. It makes me happy. I may not have a "Valentine"
but I still like it.

Strawberry Champagne Cake (Our office building provided free coffee and desserts!); My V-Day Gift to me; Calla Lilies, fave flowers; More flowers.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday!

"Happy Monday", that's how the receptionist greeted me this morning as I walked in the office. Yes, it is a happy Monday even though clients may want to turn it into the opposite. Today I had lunch with my mom at the Bay. It is a perfect sunny day here in San Diego! Can't complain! 
I was finally able to find a black pleated  skirt! I love Ross.

{Skirt:Ross} {Jacket:H&M} {Shirt:old, very old} {Shoes: CalvinKlein via my mom's closet}

From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Yesterday, my pastor, challenged us to leave the ordinary behind and let God work us into extraordinary people.

He spoke about Gideon. He was a simple, scared, ordinary man but when God spoke to him he referred to him as “valiant and courageous”. Even Gideon doubted such compliments! He knew himself, he was scared, hiding, protecting the little food he had…yet God saw him differently.

We need to start looking at ourselves how God sees us. He sees in us professionals, wealthy, happy, successful women. He sees us as victorious and courageous! Stop looking at your limitations and current situation, don’t focus on what you’re lacking, instead get a hold of God’s vision for your life and start living as an EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN!

De Ordinario a Extraordinario
Ayer, mi pastor nos desafio a dejar lo ordinario atras y permitir que Dios trabaje en nosotros para convertirnos en Extraordinarias!

El hablo sobre Gedeon. Un hombre simple, asustado, y ordinario, pero cuando Dois le hablo ser refirio a el como “valiente y esforzado”. Aun Gedeon cuestiono tal descripcion! El se conocia, estaba asustado, escondiendose, y protegiendo su alimento de los enemigos, aun asi Dios lo vio con otros ojos.

Necesitamos comenzar a vernos como Dios nos ve. El ve en nosotras mujeres profesionales, exitoas, felices, prosperadas. El nos ve victoriosas y esforzadas! Deja de mirar a tus limitaciones y situacion actual, no te enfoques en lo que te falta, sino agarrate de la vision que Dios tiene para tu vida y comienza a vivir como una MUJER EXTRAORDINARIA!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Black & White

Here's my attempt at wearing a tuxedo blazer my sister gave me for Christmas. I had a really hard time figuring out how to wear it since I've only seen it with skinny jeans, I don't wear pants so it was a challenge. But here it is! What do you think? (everything was bought on sale or clearance (Except the blazer which was a gift.)

{Blazer:F21} {Top:BCBG Outlet} {Skirt:Marshall's} {Shoes:Betsy Johnson via eBay}